About company

About company

The AS – TECHNIK company is a leader in innovative heat exchange.

We believe that the key to success are qualified employees with appropriate experience and knowledge. Operating in the industry for many years, we have gained the trust of the most demanding customers.

Our coolers and heat exchangers are present in machines and devices all over the world.

On land, in water and underground.

We design and manufacture coolers and heat exchangers that meet the highest requirements in terms of pressure resistance, heat transfer and any environmental exposure in various industries.

We operate in the HVAC, energy, refining, chemical, marine, mining and heavy industry markets.

We undertake difficult and unusual tasks, and our often unconventional solutions guarantee the success of each project.

We provide a comprehensive and, above all, professional approach to each entrusted task.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the form available on the website, by phone or e-mail.